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    Team C4

    BPESA Western Cape - 2016

    Looking for a partner company that specialises in educational game design and mobile game development, BPESA approached our team to develop an engaging and educational application that would identify candidates suitable to fill call centre job vacancies.
    Mobile Application, Team C4, created by Formula D interactive

  • Team C4

    The contract centre industry is one of South Africa’s major sources of employment and one of the few industries that is truly accessible to a large percentage of the country’s unemployed youth.

    In order to help identify suitable candidates to fill positions as well as teach the skills needed to work in the industry, we partnered with BPESA Western Cape to create Team C4.

    Team C4 is part mobile game, part recruitment tool. By completing games, or “missions” as they are referred to in the app, the app is able to collect data that measures the player’s numeracy, literacy, problem-solving and language capabilities.
    This data is then made available to recruiters and potential employers allowing the prospective job seekers to be placed in positions that are in line with their skill set.