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    Music van de Caab Centre

    Solms Delta Wine Estate - 2014

    For the Music van de Caab centre, we built three touch screens which showcase the indigenous and historical instruments of the Cape as well as the influence of different countries on the music.
    Music van de Caab Visitor Centre attractions created by Formula D interactive

  • Music van de Caab Centre

    The Solms Music van de Caab centre, located on the Solms Delta Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, is dedicated to the celebration of the heritage of music in the Cape.

    Using AIR technology, we custom-built 3 touch screen applications that would guide and educate visitors to the centre about the instruments, music, and cultural influences on both. The first touch screen presents visitors with a selection of indigenous and historical instrument icons, including musical bows, kelp horn, ramkes, leg rattles and reed flutes. Tapping on an icon provides the visitor with more information on the instrument, such as how it was played or in what circumstances it was used, as well as images and videos of the instrument.

    The World Map of Musical Influences touch screen shows a world map with
    markers distributed over the continents. Touching the markers will show information and images regarding the country or location and how that area, and the people from that area, influences the music in the Cape. A music player, built into the screen, also provides samples of the musical influences.

    Visitors to the centre can also find out about well-known South African musicians via the final touch screen. This screen presents various themes, such as the influence of contempory pop music, improvised instruments, Cape Jazz and “What is Kaapse Musiek” among others, which visitors can explore. These sections open interviews recorded with musicians like David Kramer, Claire Johnston, Valient Swart and Hotep Galeta to name a few.