Virtual Chemistry Lab

    The object recognition table provides a safe, low-cost alternative to the standard chemistry laboratory in schools and science centre environments.

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  • Virtual Chemistry Lab

    Perfect for schools and science centre environments, the Virtual Chemistry Lab table with object recognition allows learners the opportunity to experiment with chemistry equipment and substances in a completely safe environment.

    Learners navigate digital content information by placing physical cards – representing specific tools or substances you would find in a real chemistry lab - onto the interactive table’s glass surface. Thanks to the object recognition technology, once a card has been placed on the table a menu appears around the card and users can then turn the cards to activate desired functions such as turning up the heat on a Bunsen burner. Placing different substances together creates chemical reactions while tool cards can be added to an experiment to display temperatures, super-microscopic views of the reactions at an atomic level and chemical symbols.

    Tutor cards offer short audio descriptions of what is happening on the screen while realistic sound effects illustrate the sometimes forceful nature of the reactions. But no worries: no fingers will be burned in Formula D’s Virtual Chemistry Lab table. Still, the application warns learners about potentially dangerous actions and makes sure that they are aware of the safety gear required to conduct the experiments.

    The biggest platform is a turnkey solution sophisticated Reactivision pattern recognition technology and comprising of a 50” High Definition rear projected screen enclosed in a beautifully designed sheet metal and aluminium housing. The durable display is designed for high traffic areas.
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  • Virtual Chemistry Lab

    Module content for the virtual chemistry lab table can be customised and created to meet the required learning outcomes for your centre.

    Components6mm Tempered Glass
    Intel Core i5
    Microsoft Windows 10
    Sound 2.1 Sound system
    Dimensions - assembled (mm)L 1440 x W 1150 x H 758
    Dimensions - shipping (mm)L 1550 x W 1250 x H 860
    EnvironmentDry indoor space
    ApplicationScience and visitor centres
    Schools and education centres
    Target and Age Group12 years and older
    Learning OutcomeKnowledge and understanding of various chemical processes and reactions
    Reading Level12 years and over
    Sound 2.1 Speaker System
    Inclusive DesignWheel chair friendly